So yeah
I have such a pitifully short attention span. When I discovered the PPC I thought it would keep me busy for a few months. Turns out my interest is already waning, and I haven't written a single mission yet. How pathetic is that? *sigh*

My journal is on indefinite hiatus.

Introducing Ellen

"It is over," Recruit Cal murmured in a dead voice, pale and trembling. He blinked in disbelief, pinched himself hard to make sure he was not in some horrible nightmare, and reluctantly decided to accept the dreadful truth that was about to change his life.

Alas, his coffeemaker was no more.


Oh noes, teh drama!Collapse )

Introducing Cal

In a thunderous crash, the front doors of the PPC headquarters were flung open. The receptionist looked up and saw a rain-soaked young man make an overdramatic entrance and theatrically stride towards her across the lobby. The newcomer wore an old fedora hat and a grey trench-coat too large for his light frame. A black eyepatch covered his right eye.


But who is this mysterious individual?Collapse )

About the PPC

This LiveJournal will be primarily used to post my writings for the Protectors of the Plot Continuum (PPC). If you're reading this, I expect you already know who we are (maybe you are even one of us). If you don't, information about us can be found here and here.

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